Campaign Material – 2022

Transition Nutrition


Support the second Action Against Stunting Day. Below you can find downloadable material to share on your social media of choice.


Hashtag: #TransitionNutrition

Handle: @actionstunting



35% of Indian Children under 5 are stunted.

They are at risk of falling behind in school and have a lower chance of earning a good living when they reach adulthood.

How can we act on this?

Join us on September 8 2022.

#TransitionNutrition @actionstunting

Over 149 million children worldwide are stunted.

Stunting has profoundly negative impacts on a child's cognitive development, affecting them for the rest of their lives.

On September 8 2022, join us to learn how we are responding to this.

#TransitionNutrition @actionstunting

More than 1 in 4 children, are now classified as stunted in Indonesia.

A better future for them is within our grasp.

How can the interventions being developed be further accelerated into actionable plans?

Find out on September 8 2022.

#TransitionNutrition @actionstunting

By using an integrative strategy, Senegal reduced child stunting by 17.9% between 1992 and 2017.

How can we sustain this level of success on a global scale?

Join us on September 8 to learn how this will be accomplished from our speakers.

#TransitionNutrition @actionstunting

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