In Pictures: Action Against Stunting Hub’s work In India By Liz Hingley

At this year's awareness day, attendees of the event in-person will have a chance to view the India Hub’s work in pictures as documented by Liz Hingley. As interdisciplinarity is one of the main components of the Hub’s work, through the eyes of an anthropologist, viewers are encouraged to experience the lived-in reality of our researchers in India and consider actions they themselves could take to transition to sustainable food systems and food security.

Liz Hingley is a photographer, curator and anthropologist. She is currently Artist in Residence at Kings College London (Digital Humanities) and an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham. Liz’s work explores the systems of belonging and belief that shape cities around the world. Her practice is inherently collaborative and seeks to create connections between disciplines, geographies and generations. Liz's projects have received numerous awards, including the Lens Culture portrait prize, PhotoPhilanthropy Award, Prix Virginia and Getty Editorial Grant. Her work reaches international audiences through publications, workshops and exhibitions, from galleries to gardens, from hospitals to streets. The book Under Gods (Dewi Lewis publishing, 2010), supported by a scholarship from Italian research and communication institute FABRICA, became an international touring exhibition. As a Visiting Scholar at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Liz published, End Of Lines (2013), Sacred Shanghai (Washington University Press 2019) and Shanghai Sacred (GOST books 2020). She has previously held positions within SOAS University, The Migration Research Centre, University College London, and the University of Austin, Texas (Art History). As curatorial advisor to Side Gallery, UK, Liz curated exhibitions with a focus on eco feminism, environmental justice and migration. She is a trustee of the AmberSide UNESCO world heritage collection of photography and film.